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Are you a business owner? This is how I make videos for my own business video marketing, some tips!


Are you a business owner? I made this video just for you. About posting videos online, how I do it and what I use – it takes only a few minutes!

I hope this helps. This is day 14 out of 30, recording 1 video every day for 30 days. Check out my video tomorrow, I’ll try adding a headline and captions!

Tips: Buy a tripod with a bluetooth remote control, Put your phone on flight mode, put a sign on your door so people don’t walk in when you are recording, film yourself, post it online, don’t watch your own video or do several takes, just get it done. If you want to add some captions, check our and a free program called Handbrake ( – I’m using them for my last few videos, looking for other options for future. I hope this helps you to get started.

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