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Auto Chat Profits Review Make Money on Autopilot 2019

hi there I'm just going to take a quicklook at water chat profits in this videoon this new Clickbank launch I work fromhome full-time I'm doing internetmarketing and affiliate marketing for aliving so it's a really excellent way toearn income from homeand so hopefully my thoughts fromsomeone who has been doing this fornumber of years and that will be of helpto you if you click the link below thisvideo in the video description I'll giveyou the link to my current number onesystem that I recommend to plug intoright now to complete done-for-youturnkey affiliate marketing system forpromoting those high paying highcommissions digital products withexcellent system to check out and inthis video I just wanted to share myexperience in the whole industry andtalk a little bit about what Auto chatprofits can achieve so if you're morenewer to this industry haven't seenthese product launches come and go overthe years I would like to thinkhopefully my thoughts and opinions onthis will be of help as you to yourresearch basically the the simplethree-step process that I focus on withaffiliate marketing is you get a simplewebsite and that website is just asimple one-page website normally a leadcapture page or some sort of landingpage that you send a traffic to YouTubepromoting on the internet send visitorsto your one page website and then theywill usually either click the link orenter their email address often the leadcapture page and you will be able to anemail list when they enter their emailaddress and then they will be divertedto an affiliate marketing product asales page some sort of Clickbank offeror another offer and you will earn acommission around 50 percent or 75Commission percent Commission's or sowhen that happens so it's basically athree-step process of driving traffic toa one page website building your emaillist and diverting people to the videosales presentation of a high convertingaffiliate program that's the same sortof process you can auto check profitsand they will give you the turnkeywebsites to host the host of turnkeywebsites for you to use and they willexpect you to buy a domain name and anemail autoresponder service as wellthough so there are smaller additionalcosts to the system and the one you needthe twist auto chat profits is the chatbot so it's the same basic free stepaffiliate marketing processI use and recommend using but with achatbot added into it now the benefit ofchat bot bots is it's a more personalapproach so this is kind of a chat botin the right bottom right-hand cornerhere if I click that it's kind of likelike a facebook messenger chat platformwill open up and this is an automatedartificial intelligent style chat that'sopening up for me this is a sort of chatbot that will be on your website askingquestions providing special offersanswering questions so it's allautomated by a robot but it looks likethere's a human being behind the screengiving information it's almost like thisyour own personal support staff 24/7 onthe website answering the questions ofyour visitors to help them buy theproducts so you earn commissions andthat's what a chat bot is so and they'reasking you questions and you can respondand interact so it's just a personalapproach to add into your affiliatemarketing now earning income in anautomated way is excellent it's reallycool it's what I dobut when you first start out that littlebit of a personal touch can really helpsuch as manually emailing your leads notjust relying on the automated follow-upmanually sending people email askingthem questions if there's any help thatthey need or because anything you cananswer just making that extra little bitof effort when you start out so havethat manual interaction will help getthings moving quickly get thoseconversions going because people are abit skeptical at first and don't justtrust faceless websites so have a bit ofa manual personal touch you can reallykickstart your affiliate marketing muchquicker than if you were trying to makeit 100% automated without everinteracting with someone so I quite likewhat auto chat prophets is doing herethere's a personal bit of interactionwith an artificial intelligence filechat bot without you having to man youdo the chatting and manually answeringthe questions so it's a pretty cooladdition to the whole clickbankaffiliate marketing industry and i quitelike what they have on offerit's quite a hype top sales video thehypee website is similar to otherproducts such as 5-minute profit sitesand daily cash siphon so you'recertainly not gonna be making this bigcash straight away like they're talkingabout in a sales video but they'll giveyou a website and a simple affiliatemarketing sales funnel and a chat bot sofor someone who's brand-new a completenewbie this might well help you getstarted quicker than if you were tryingto figure it all out yourself withoutusing this type of tool there hopefullymy ramblings on auto chat profits wereof helpclick the link in the video descriptionbelow I'll give the link to my currentnumber one system I'm recommending toplug into right now it's a completeturnkey done-for-you affiliate marketingsales funnel so you get a product tosell for high commissions you get thesales page the upsell see it comes tofollows followers ups you get to buildyour email list and it's got a viralleverage based software built into it soit's complete done-for-you system andwell worth plug into to get your veryown online sales funnel for promoting ashigh paying products anyway thanks a lotfor stopping by my video and I willspeak soon my best

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