RunSignup Social Learning Series: Viral social marketing

hey everybody this is brian jenkins fromrun signup so this video has a littlebit of a lag before we know for sureeverything is working correctly so i'mgonna have a little bit of a pausebefore i get started just to confirmthat everyone can hear us and then we'llgo ahead and get started I have Allisonhere with me if you want to wait aboutlisten there she isso Allison's gonna be helping me outwith there's like many differentmonitors here and lots of places forpeople to give us questions and so she'shere to make sure that I don't look likean idiot so there's so many buttons hereI don't really understand what's goingonso I appreciate you guys patience andcan we just confirm that the audio isworking good all right we got JeffCleophas saying loud and clear awesomeokay so we're gonna go ahead and getstarted and so today what we're going totalk about is viral social marketing andthe concept behind this is somewhat backto basics because sometimes the basicsare the best way to approach problemswhich many races are expressing to ushate you have ideas or concepts that canhelp us out with marketing and if we goback to the beginning of like why racesstarted it was a health and competitionand things like that and now racing hasbecome a lot more inclusive and so westart looking at the different reasonswhy people might want to come to yourrace and we put at the center because wejust firmly believe that friends andfamily are our key reasons why peoplecome to the race now there's all theseother reasons that people tend to comeand we all can check different one ofthese boxes but again that the center isalways going to be friends and familyand so part of this process when you'relooking at when you are evaluating yourrace or a series of races is who's youraudience and make a list of yourthan audiences so if you're notnonprofit you want to look at donorspeople that like your Facebook page pastparticipants local running groups parksdo people talk about your swag we workwith some races that really have somevery unique and interesting swag andpeople talk about that so making surethat you understand what your audienceand what your hook is um is a goodstarting point when you're starting todevelop what I would call a marketingplan and so the next thing is is that soyou've kind of defined um why peoplewant to run your race and what youraudience and so what you're going tolook at then is how do you get peopletalking about your race so when you'rewhen you're getting people to talk aboutyour race the number one thing thatpeople talk to me about is just Facebookand almost every conversation winsstarts with Facebook and ends with emailand those are two good pieces butthere's other pieces that I think aren'tbeing is utilized as much um so numberone is of course everyone understandsthat website is an important componentof a race marketing strategy but a lotof people don't check their website ontheir phone now one of the things thatI'm learning a lot about personally isvideo so I spent a lot of time on my ownlearning about YouTube and I thinkYouTube for some races could be atremendous tool for content marketingand what I mean by content marketing isjust the ability to communicate withyour participants in a different mannerand actually building your own audiencejust because you're kind of a thoughtleader and I'm sure many of us havelistened to podcast or watched YouTubevideos from like non-commercial streamsand you know became fans of those peopleand I think races or groups of racescould potentiallydo that and then on the flip side I'veseen quite a bit of drop inparticipation on physical goods so thisis one way if you're not comfortablewith digital marketing you candifferentiate yourself so what you cando is is go to local running storeslocal gyms the other one that's reallybeen interesting and I've learned alittle bit about this is checking outall the different calendars that youhave so that's not just runningcalendars that's family and communitycalendars where people are looking forthings to do so make sure that you canmarket yourself as something if yourrace is appropriate for that whereanyone could come with their family andparticipate they're not just looking onrunning calendars they're looking at mydaughter this past weekend went into thelocal art center and participated in alittle pottery that was found for alittle community newspaper calendar sothese different strategies are gettingmissed by a lot of races but they'rethey're fairly easy to do they'retypically low to no cost and it'ssomething you can meaningfully do andsee progress on so I mentioned a littleearlier when you talk a little bit aboutthis marketing plan so this is kind ofdefining that marketing plan so againwe've talked about our audience we'vetalked about you know how do you getpeople talking about your race and we'vealso talked about where we might want todo that the only one I want to add tothis since I've kind of talked a littlebit about this before is Google AdWordsso if you're a non-profit Google has afantastic grant program that you canapply for and Google may have up to$10,000 worth of grants that can begiven to local nonprofits to supportadvertising for a non-profit and you'regoing in and buying Google AdWords forpeople who are searching for yourkeywords that you're advertising on andagain going back to on the physicalmarketing one of the things that Iwanted to mention is if you didn't knowthis this is a relatively new service Ithink what you're too old from MailChimpwhich is avery great email sender which is acompetitor to constant contact with manyof you are very familiar with andMailChimp has an option now if you syncyour data with them they have theability to generate postcards so if youhave a an event you want to get twopeople mail is actually becoming quiteunderutilized and you know most of usare getting packages from you know eBayor Amazon or different services likethat and so putting a little postcard inthe mail about your race or series ofraces could be a way to get yourselfdifferentiated from the sea of digitalads and emails that your participantsare potentially seeing so we want totalk about the your digital and physicalmarketing plan gets people talking aboutyour race so that's one component to itso now what we're gonna do is we'regonna shift to the idea that we'regetting people to start signing up foran hour race and I have this concept Icalled the reverse funnel so many of usare very familiar with on the marketingfunnel or a sales funnel which is it'sliterally a triangle and we're feedingpeople into the triangle and what we'regoing to talk about now is that on theother end so we've got a hundred peoplewe put in the funnel and ten people comeout and actually sign up for it well howdo we get those ten people and thenrefeed the top of the funnel so that'swe're going to talk about now with theseviral marketing strategies so to kind ofput a point to this is when we'retalking about Facebook there's two waysto look at Facebook one is I need to putads there because there's a ton ofimpressions or eyeballs that couldpotentially see this the other is isthat and we all know this is thatFacebook is an opportunity for a friendor family to share and ask you to comeparticipate in it and so you need to askyourself the question would you come toa race exclusively because you saw aFacebook ad or would you come to a racebecause your friend asks you to jointhem well the answer is for the majorityof us is that our friends would ask usto come join them we'd like to do thatwithbecause it'd be a lot more fun so we'vegot these five key terms that we want todefine on how we can start focusing ourviral social marketing so we've gotteams which is a very common conceptwe've got referrals drip campaigns swagand a cause or a non-profit so teamsthis is a concept that when I startedabout ten years ago was probably thenumber one viral social marketingconcept and so we're all relativelyfamiliar with this so to add technologyon to the idea of teams the biggestgrowth type of teams are typically goingto be social teamsso social teams would be friends andfamily who register together and theremay be some sort of compellingcompetitive element to it in terms oflike largest team so what we did on thisslide and we have to find some differentideas is you can automatically discounta refund anyone that hits a team sizethat is a certain size have acompetition for the largest team havinga competition for the largest teamfundraiser or also than having costumecompetitions team shares team names etcand then one of the other things ismaking sure that you define if you get Xnumber of members or more the Scottcoffee race which Allison has attendedbefore it's 20 or more right you get avery high every side so 20 or more sothat's another idea and it's a great wayto work with a sponsor so if a sponsorwants to engage the the local communityis say if you get 20 or more members youcan get a free pair of socks so here atrun signup we provide you with all thosedifferent mechanisms to automate thetechnical side of this meaning you canset up teams you can have a team listthe largest team sizes and then you yourresponsibility is to define how you'regoing to incentivize this my preferenceis I really do like the idea of a teamthresholds of 10 or 5020 or more and then everybody getssomething and then also having a largestteam competition so um Trish sport thuiswe one of our customers she shared withusand I think the race was this pastweekend which is the rump shaker thatshe works with they have an option whereif you hit the five-membermark the original four members will getfive dollars refund and backs in themand then ever going after that gets afive dollar discount so again this is ahybrid between technology and viralmarketing so there there everybody knowsthis about this race it's a very bigteam race and so they're kind ofoffering that monetary incentive butthey're putting a block on it so youcan't just say you're gonna get fivemembers the kickoff actually happensonce that fit member registers so wealso have the Vermont City Marathon thatwe work with and they have a wonderfulteam program they have various differentteam distances to complete the marathonand this is a great way if you are alonger distance race to break that upand potentially go after companies orrunning groups to get them introduced toa longer distance race that might beintimidating to them so the next one isreferrals and we put a talk a lot oftechnology behind this and we've got itdown to pretty well a science of how wewant or would recommend I guess is abetter way to put it someone to be ableto use friends and family to target thatthey become ambassadors so to speak forthe race so what we found is that numberone you don't have to have a code and wedon't recommend you know requiringsomeone to use a code we just generate aunique URL for every single participantand then they share that by emailsocially to their friends and family andthen you offer incentives so incentivescan be monetary they could be gear suchas a branded winter cap or you know havelike higher tier ones where you get VIPexperience or VIP offerings or evencompetitions where you know hey if yourefer the most people no different thanan age group winner you're offered areward for the topreferrers which is a difficult word tosay and they they've been become notjust the competitive athletes aregetting rewarded these ambassadors arebeing rewarded as well and you shouldbring them up in front of your in frontof all your participants are torecognize them their contribution toyour race so some very simple tips andtricks that we recommend is we havesocial sharing options and this isliterally what they're sharing when theyshare socially your race you cancustomize the image which is superimportant because that's their firstimpression you can also use ourregistration follow up emails so in oursystem we have these drip campaigns hereand talked all about those a little bithere in a second and the drip campaignis basically an email that goes out atintervals that you set and you canremind them about their referral programthat you're offering and how it worksand what the incentives are because mostof the people are either going to takeaction right as they register or not atallso these follow-up emails are kind ofreminders on how to participate in thisreferral programso here's some really staggering statsto share with you and these arerepeatable meaning we've seen this withother customers but this particularcustomer shared this with us and allowedthis to be put out publicly is that racethe events which is a large eventmanagement company based out ofWisconsinthey had eleven point six percent oftheir registrations come from a referralprogram so it's hard to define and I'mnot sure whether it's worth kind ofdigging further into this whether or notthese eleven point six percentregistrations would have come to therace one way or the other that questioncould be asked for any promotion thepoint is is that it could be measuredand we could attribute it directly tothat which likely means that moreregistrations came to this race thanwhat was trapped because there'sbreakage in the URLs and things likethat so sour fish events which there'sanother large event management companybased out of the Illinois area they had8,000 registrations and only had 344refunds and the message that I want toshare on this is that the number oneconcerns that we get from race directorsis like hey this referral program isgonna burn all my money well all markoral marketing cost money and half ofmarketing we can't measure what works ordoesn't work so we need to make surethat we are rewarding the people thatare actually out there you knowpromoting your raise so I get thatconcern on every single conversation tohave is like how I'm just gonna giveaway all the money well if you put theright stops in place such as like youhave to refer at least three people orat least five it's not easy to to hitthese levels without you know reallyactually promoting it you're not gonnaget three people on accident they'regonna have tocontinually promote that URL so dripcampaigns so these are automated emailsthat can be configured with inside ofthe run signup system and also evenMailChimp MailChimp has a fantastic Ithink they did they call those journeysyeah okay so they may call it journeysand that's I've seen that in othersystems and so what we can do is allowyou to go in and turn on different dripcampaigns and the three most common thatwe recommend are incomplete registrationso that's the people that startregistering but don't finish priceincreases which is all what we use totry to get people to register becauseotherwise they'll just procrastinate andthen registration follow-up emails soI'll talk to you a little bit aboutregistration follow-up emails forreferrals you can also use that forteams and even you can use that forfundraising so there's examples here ofhow you can use drip campaigns so we cantalk about your referral link we alsocan we need to talk about this much yeahbut we can also talk about fundraisingand getting people to don't forget toshare your fundraising link with friendsand family and I think one of the thingsto recommend around setting up a dripcampaign is really focused on one thinglike don't try to cram too many thingsin there don't try to cram refer otherwords and teams and fundraising andeverything into a drip campaign reallyfocus on a message and try to hammerthat home in your follow-up emails goodpoint so this is an example if we wereto visualize a journey so we're takingthem through various different journeysof these drip emails so sometimes whenyou're thinking about how you're goingto be communicating with people drawingthis on a piece of paper and likethinking it as a timeline can be helpfulin imagining what kind of emails andwhat interval are you going to becommunicating with those participants orpotential participants so um one of thethings that's important that we canpotentially help you with and otheremail systems can do as well is makingsure that you're not necessarily alwayshitting the existing participants sowhat that means is that you need tofilter the list and there's a variety ofdifferent ways to filter the list andthis is part of what we're building inour CRM system is being able to targetspecific participants so for example Ilike to use this example because it'sit's fairly it's a good example isbasically I'm doing a promotion for myrace and I want to exclude people whohave already registered but then I wantto do a Mother's Day promotion so I'mgonna target you know maybe femalesbetween 20 and 60 for my walk andencourage them like hey bring your momsat the race and kind of do somethinglike that and so I'm not hitting myexisting participants and I'm kind ofdoing a very targeted Mother's Daypromotion and Aaron and race day eventsthey've had a lot of successspecifically targeting last year'srunners who haven't signed up for thisyear's race so they'll use the freeemail marketing and run sign up to reachout to them and they'll also go into theFacebook custom audience reports andexport that list of past participantswho haven't signed up yet and thentarget their Facebook ads and that letsthem make sure that their Facebook admoney is going to like a very good placein strategic because they're going toprobably get a lot more signupstargeting a known audience rather thanjust some random audience thattogether on Facebook mm-hmm so some ofthe other things that you can do is youcan cross promote if you have multipleraces on run signing up you have theability to use the run sign up emailsystems across promote your races youcan share lists and things like that sothat's probably a fairly common practicefor a lot of multi race users is youknow that you want to really target youknow if your race is applicable tomultiple that same participant base makesure you're promoting most of your raceswe also have a multi race registrationtool where someone can sign up formultiple races at the same time so swagso swag is a different term with themerchandise or giveaways or sometimest-shirts we have seen tremendouscreativity I would say race directorsstrength in general is their creativityand swag so seeing all sorts of coolt-shirt designs or hats I you know sockseven there's basically you know makingsure that what you're doing is somethingyou would want to wear and you want yourparticipants aware and then using thatas a promotional tool so I have someraces that you know they have awesomemedals or they have a really uniqueposter or something like that and sodoing a marketing campaign which is awith a visual element to it this iswhere swag becomes your your biggestfriend we also have a bunch of peoplenow expanding our referral program toeither incorporate hey you get 15dollars credited back on your creditcard plus this unique swag and p.m.we've seen higher response rates wherereferral programs are utilizing cash andgear and that gear should not besomething that someone could purchasefrom the race it should be unique one ofthe other things that I would recommendwhen you're looking at swag and so ourrewards is look at your sponsor base andsee if any of your sponsors has gearthat you could utilize to promote toparticipants so if you're one of yoursponsors is itshirt your t-shirt manufacturer come tothem and say what is the coolest thingfor 2019 that you're that we've neverused that we can offer as a uniqueoffering to our participants and thenwhat you can do is say hey you knowsponsor if you give this to us whichthey shouldn't have to give too manybecause there's not gonna be a ton ofpeople that are gonna hit these rewardlevels these are kind of your eliteambassadors that you and then includethem in these follow-up campaigns tohighlight that sponsor as the titlesponsor of the swag rewards so thesponsor is getting an added value and itmay even be something in the future thatyou could sell to them and on top ofthat they are they actually supplied thegear so this is one of my my favoriteslides these posters were actually sentto us by the race to rebel Creek andthey do a unique poster every year andso this is a great example of physicalgoods and unique to this race you cansee each one of these is different inits own way and this is a great way towhen you're doing physical promotion todifferentiate yourself like imaginegoing to Panera and seeing I hope theblue period I mean it's just it's funnyit's interesting and it's engaging andthere's just not enough people that areutilizing this type of marketing andrace to Ruby creeks been around fordecades and it's a sellout race and oneof the cool things that they do to makeit such a unique experience is the themethat you see on the poster itcorresponds to everything that they doin their race each year so the way thatthey start the race the the food thedrinks that they offer at the afterparty like everything they do wrapsaround that theme um so you can getreally creative with you know havingunique swag and extendand passed the physical good - just howyou execute your whole race yeah so thethe next one is on 3w races out ofColorado and one of the they're one ofthe kind of pioneers of just tryingdifferent ideas and one of the thingsthat they ended up rolling out becausethey have quite a number of races thatthey produce and also third-party racesmeaning races that they don't own butthey assist with was they created a teamof ambassadors and two ambassadors weregenerally enthusiastic local runners orparticipants who would just go to localrunning groups and they would 3w wouldthen supply them with stickers or extratee shirts or hats anything extra theymight have along with potential freeentries or discounted entries and so youknow this ambassador would come do thegroup run which might have 10 30 50 100people depending on the day and theweather etc and they were constantlygetting their name out there by likeeach run they were just kind of givingaway this gear and it's a fantasticgrassroots program some of the otherconcepts that you have is photos sowithin the run signup system we do havea photo hosting system so you can loadall the photos in to run sign up at nocost and we have a bot which is obstacleOCR ya can't member that CR stands forand so what happens is that these photosare get loaded into the system we hostthem and then we attempt to try to tagthe photos lookinggood numbers so the quality of the Popethe photos the bid numbers themselvesetc etc can cause you know great taggingor suboptimal tagging but the main thingis is that participants can get theirphotos for freeand then encouraging participants tograb those photos and and share them butthe most important thing is giving themaway for free and that's been a bigchange and invention are enablers theyhave amazing like professionalphotography and like drone videos and itlooks great but one of the things thatthey also do is they have volunteersthat they just put at the finish lineand they have them take a picture ofeveryone and then they can upload thosephotos on race day so that when peoplego to check the results they see photosof themselves right away and they'rekind of encouraged to share that onFacebook and kind of get your name outthere even after the race is doneexactly so and this one is about causeor nonprofits many of our races arenonprofits so it's not a surprise thatI'm sure if you're a for-profit race atsome point in the past several yearsyou've gotten an email from a potentialparticipant or existing participant tosay what what is this race supportingand so you want to make sure that youhave an answer for thateven for profit races typically havecharity partners the biggest thing thatI take away from having charity partnersis making sure we've got it highlightedin green a mutually beneficialrelationship so that means sitting downand talking to your charity partnerabout what kind of marketing channels dothey potentially have that you couldutilize to kind of collaborate togetherto get more people registering for therace and also more people potentiallydonating or becoming becoming fundraisers depending on the situation andso you then working with that charitypartner to potentially do swag rewardsfor fundraising or donations and thingslike thatand this is a great way to engageparticipants so simply put the RER pitchto why nonprofits likeis save time raise money and it's raisedmore yeah then you have a lot ofnonprofit technology and you can seefrom our recent blog posts we areexpanding that very quickly butbasically the reason that run sign up isgreat for nonprofit races or races thathave a charity partner or multiplecharity partners is we have a seamlessintegrated donation and fundraisingplatform in the registration path so alot of races that previously used asplit solution where they hadregistration on one platform and thenfundraising on another they lost a lotof people because people don't want tocreate another login they don't want tohave to go make another transaction sokeeping it all in one is great we havelow processing fee we have automatedways to incentivize fundraisers so justlike how Brian was talking aboutreferral programs we also have automatedfundraising rewards so when fundraisershit a certain goal you can give themback their registration fee we have youknow different ways that you canincentivize and yeah I think we wereally like working with nonprofits welearn a lot from them and over the yearswe've really gotten to build out ourdonation and fundraising technology andour platform yeah so the most importantthing to bring it back to viralmarketing for for races is that a goodnonprofit partner and being able toannounce potentially a new nonprofitpartner or a strategic alliance with anonprofit partner if you're a for-profitraise is can really boost your race andso you know we see one of the mostinteresting things that I see is the wework with some mud struts and they'retypically withanimal shelter programs and the you knowif if you partner with groups like thatthere's a large number of people whohave you know pets and they want tosupport races that support pets andshelters that can help animals out sothat's an example of like you knowfinding a good partner like that couldreally boost your attendance andinterest in your race from a viralaspect it's not necessarily like Ibought a dance or something like that onso many of the races that come to us andthey bring their nonprofit partner overwith them are sharing with us thatthey're seeing an increase in donationsand primarily that kind of goes back toAllison's point about integratedfundraising and donation andregistration path and again that's aviral piece is that you have someonestarting to make donations while they'reregistering is this an integratedprocess that's great and then if they'realso sharing with their friends andfamily about the race and they feelpassionately because you feelpassionately about the cause that caneither attract more donations or moreparticipants yeah and I think thisbrings it back to the mutuallybeneficial relationship like giving yournonprofit partners like a great platformthat's going to increase their fundraising the amount of donations they'regetting and the number of donor contactsthat they're getting from participatingand partnering up with your race it'sreally valuable so we um we also workwith Fusion Racing and if you haven'tchecked out their website it might becool to check it out they have a runningchair program for people who arephysically unable to participate inraces and I believe Steve I think hetimes or does some work for them he'spushed many of their athletes includingthrough the Philly marathon marathonit's pretty hilly right yeah and so it'sreally inspiring and really impressivethey had these custom chairs for eachathlete so they've been able toencourage people to participate in theirraces and then wear the wear this likereally cool loop happens is that someoneregisters for the race they come to therace they get to see Steve or someoneelse pushing the athlete andone of these custom chairs and so it'snot intangible anymoreit's very tangible and it makes you feelbetter about coming the race betterabout donating and fundraising and thentelling your friends about it becauseyou're like look this guy this race wassuper kill it you know was was it was asuper difficult race and they came toher and did race the athlete was smilingthe whole time Steve was following thewhole time Eric wants us to know thatPhilly isn't hilly so that concludes ourpresentation and we wanted to open upthe opportunity to let people askquestions I hope that this was helpfulfor everyone and again there's a littlebit of a delay so we'll wait a littlebit of time to see what questions startcoming in and Brian Agee let me knowthat OCR means optical characterrecognition so thanks for let me knowthat so do you see any questions intheredon't think answer questionsso this will be available if you didn'ttune in to the live stream um you'll beable to watch it on restrictors Hub I'llalso post a link to our marketing pageyou can download our marketing guidewatch the webinar that we did throughrun sign ups webinar series about amonth ago and you can also request ademo if you'd like to learn more aboutrun sign ups marketing features fortraces and lots of people say thank youvery much Brian um so you have aquestion our metals valuable as far asswag is concerned in promoting the raceyeah so metals are definitely valuableit's kind of a flash point discussionfor some people so people like myselfwho have been running for a long timemany of the races that we participatedwhen we first started running metal fourwere held for the top three or the topfive or come Evert and that has changedquite a bit because the sport has grownexponentially that you know many peopleexpect metals my my opinion on metals isthat if you're going to do metals dothem right so and make it a big dealDavid hutnik I saw him pointing out onhere he was he was on there they have areally fun series called the big-assmetal series and they they embrace thesemetals are gigantic if you've never seenthem they're enormous and that's one oftheir hooks and they embrace it and theypromote it so if you're gonna do metalsdon't go with a smallest cheapest oneyou know go with something unique andtheme related so we have beenexperimenting with allowing multipleinfluencers charity schools to fundraisevia their own uniquewe give them money / registrants signedup with the code opinions so I've hadsome races that have used coupon codesunique to charities my opinion on thatis that it's okay I actually think thatusing a unique URL to track a gym or acharity or something like that is greatI'm not sure that you giving a discountis necessary because basically you go tothe charity partner and say hey if youget $30 entries will give you $5 or $10instead of it's hard for the race thento say okay we'll give five dollars offplus we'll give them five dollars well Ithink if I was a donor I'd be like heywell if I sign up for this race justkind of think about anyways and $8 forthe charity or $10 could ensure you likethat better um what about crosspromoting with other races any tips formaking it effective so when your crosspromoting other races the most effectivecross promotion of other races is ifyou've got like a season a spring seasonof races of summer season of races orfalsies and erases our multi raceregistration tool or anyone's multi raceregistration school that has it it'sgoing to be one of your most effectiveways to do itthe other is is series points so it'snot always about like where did youfinish you could offer incentives forhow you finish but also just finishingthe race and then saying if you finishthree races and you could track that wehave a tool for series points that issuper effective and and you can actuallypublicize that so people can see like ifyou don't get at least you know and youcould do points by distance of racersyeah the belen series does that so theydo their points so that the top iron Oh250 finishers for men and women each getlikemore points and then every finisherreceives a set number of points sopeople are getting points just forparticipating and so if you participatein all eight races in the series you mayend up with more points than the toprunners who have just come out to one ortwo of the races and then they also giveup points for volunteers so people thathelp out other races which is anotherway to get more people involved andreward them it's their way to export andjust email previous year's participantsthat haven't registered yet yeah sothere is an ability to export previousparticipants who haven't registered yetthe integrated tool within run somethingelse will will give you the ability toexclude or include certain groups so youdefinitely can do that within within thesystem and if not you can export thatout of our system and then you know plugthat in to MailChimp Constant Contact orwhatever your email tool is so Bryan'sasking when the problems that you hearfrom races is the cost for an entirefamily to run in the race what advicecan I give to a race that wants to makeit easier for a mom and dad to bring theentire family for example a family offive is often over a hundred dollars umI would say like multi person signuppricing can be really effective so it'sdifferent than team pricing so likeTrish offers refunds based on the sizeof the team but families aren'tnecessarily seen as a team so multiperson signup pricing lets you offereither a discounted price or just a flatfixed fee so you can say if five peoplesign up together in the same transactioninstead of you know each of those peoplepaying $100 or $20 you can have themeach pay fifteen dollars or you can justcharge them a flat fee of let's saysixtyso that can make it easy for grace toyou know make it even more inviting fora family to sign up yeah the other thingfrom family pricing is we we likeencouraging age based pricing so eachbased pricing the nice thing is justAuto calculates it one of the otherthings that you can do is offer anopt-out for t-shirtsso take t-shirts are typically apass-through cost for races theytypically costs three to seven dollarssomewhere in that range for lower costevents that families are going totypically target and so you can offer anopt-out for the t-shirt and that allowsthe adults to say you know what we don'treally a t-shirt that will lower ourcostso David's asking do you have anydifficulty in educating event partnersespecially smaller local businesses asto the power of newer and moreinnovative types of marketing promotionwe find that many of them partners comeout to the event but don't get the ROIand don't come back because they don'tleverage their partnership correctlyyeah so so David's question is iseffectively how do you you know showvalue to a sponsor like simply put onand and that is really hard to do but Ithink there's things that that you coulduse out of these concepts that wouldwork really well so we didn't talk aboutthis but we have the ability to generateunique URLs so you can then trackdifferent marketing activities thebiggest failure that I see is lack ofsponsor activation this is where thelarge races really just they just reallycrush the smaller races because they canget people to come to the expo interactwith sponsors and things like that so Ireally like the idea of a sponsorpowering your your swag rewards programand that will give them something to toreally like hone in on like they'regetting a dedicated email tosingle participant multiple times onthat and then after that I've said thismany times but one of my favorite ideasis VIP porta-potties brought to you by asponsor and they have to give your emaila lot of like I promise you I will giveyou my real email for a VIP port-a-pottylike there's no way you're not gettingmoney noI'll look kart kids options for not-shirt that will grow out of for makingit more incentivizing for families tosign up together 10% discount groupsthat might help to UM any otherquestionsit looks like we're getting close on theend of the questionsso one of the things that we'll do is wedid a similar presentation about alittle over 30 days ago so we've got areally great amount of information thatwe put together for you guys to shareand again one of the most importantthings I want you to know is that thisis not run signup specific theseconcepts can all be used in any on anyplatform it's just you know the steps orthe mechanisms might be a little bitdifferent well we really appreciate youguys joining us today if you needanything else you know reach out to ushere at run sign up if you haven't checkthis out I forgot about this go to runsignup calm and is the marketing pagingyou have is that the trends in it aswell um no I'll show you that one aswell but we have a marketing landingpage we also have one for race trendsthose are two really great pages to lookat for more information on our marketingpage you're going to be able to downloada marketing guide that we put togetherkind of based on the information that weshared with you today but in more of achecklist form for you to use for yourraces and on our trends page you'll beable to look at our most recent racetrends report Johanna did a live streamon race directors hub a few weeks backgoing through some of the main findingsbut I think looking at aggregate datacan be really useful to help you figureout what are some good ideato market to grow to fundraise more atmy race awesome well thank you guys somuch for joining us this is Brian andAlison thank you and I hope you guyshave a great rest of the day bye

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to grow your race. Learn how to use viral marketing, drip campaigns, swag and referrals to make the most of it.

This webinar was first broadcast live on 26 Mar 2019 in Race Directors Hub, the largest online community of race directors:

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