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The importance of Patience | Video Marketing Tips | #10Tips10Days

When you first start crafting your video strategy, you may feel excited and hopeful.
But, after you make a few videos you begin obsessively looking at the number of views your video has and start to feel let down by the lack of engagement.🙄😓😱

Crafting a video strategy and EXECUTING that strategy takes patience. It can be hard when you don’t immediately see the results that you are aiming for. 🙄

Recently I went on a 3,000 mile USA cross country road trip from Northern Virginia to San Francisco Bay Area. I learned a lot on this journey about patience. As I was driving through states like Kansas and Missouri – I felt the boredom of seeing corn and wheat fields for DAYS.

So, I began to think of how similar this journey was to executing an effective video strategy. 🎥

I needed to reach California by a certain date and couldn’t avoid the drive through the flat, less scenic route through Kansas. So, I embraced the view and decided to enjoy the ride! 😍😎🚘

Patient acceptance is absolutely KEY to reaching your goals with video marketing. The videos that go viral without any kind of strategy in place are a needle in a haystack.

And believe me I saw a lot of haystacks on my journey over 2 days driving across the MidWest! But, I didn’t see a lot of needles and frankly I didn’t look for them. 

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